Our facility offers boarding for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small mammals. Our dog boarders are taken out and walked 3-4 times a day in our private fenced grassed area. Our kitty boarders are allowed play time in the cat room. All pets are fed and their living space cleaned twice a day or more if needed. Even when we are closed we have loving, dedicated staff that comes in and takes care of your pet as well as make sure everyone is healthy. All boarders are to be free of fleas and ticks.

We also are able to administer any medications that your pet is on. Technicians keep a close eye on any special needs needed when your pet is here boarding with us.

For our dog and cat boarders, we supply food, bowls, and blankets. We recommend that you bring your pet’s own food so they can be more comfortable during their stay but discourage leaving any other personal items, as they may become soiled or lost. We feed our boarders Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for both cats and dogs.

Ferret, Rabbit, and Rodent boarders must have a current in-person exam by one of our doctors within the past year PRIOR to being
dropped off, and be up to date on all recommended preventative care (see below). These special guests are recommended, but not required
to be brought in the following:

  • Ferrets: Own food, litter and litter box.
  • Rabbits: Own food, hay, greens, any supplements
  • Small rodents: Cage/home environment if no larger than 3×3 feet, hay, food, supplements/greens

While your pet boards with us we could give them a bath before they go home so they are fresh and clean for you. Baths include ear cleaning and toe-nail trim.

If you have not had your pet vaccinated with us, we ask that you have their records available from their most recent visit to a veterinarian. If you need us to contact them, please let us know prior to dropping them off so we can have all the information available for your pet’s boarding appointment. Here are our requirements for vaccines:

  • Feline boarders are required to have their Rabies, FVRCP, and fecal (parasite check) done within the last year.
  • Canine boarders are required to have an up to date Rabies (1 or 3 year), DHLPP (canine “distemper” AND “Lepto”), Canine Influenza Virus, and Bordetella vaccines and a fecal within the past year.
  • Ferret boarders are required to have their Rabies, Ferret Distemper and fecal check done within the past year
  • Rodent and Rabbit species are not required to be vaccinated.

We welcome you to come visit our boarding facility to check out where your loved one will be staying.

On the day of your boarding appointment we ask that you drop them off by 4pm. We ask this so one of our animal care team members has time to set them up, feed them and offer the opportunity to be walked before we leave for the day.

You will need to fill out a boarding form before leaving your pet with us. To save some time, you could print out the boarding form and have it filled out before coming into the office. You can find both our dog/cat/ferret form and our Small Mammal form here. We will however still need a few minutes to get your pet checked in. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Download and Print Our Boarding Form

If picking up your pet before schedule departure we ask that you call us so we can have everything ready for you.

If your pet is receiving a bath while boarding, we ask that you pick up later in the day so that there is enough time for them to dry. If you want to pick up first thing in the morning, please inform us and we will bath them the day before.

We also ask to pick your pet up by 6pm Monday-Friday and by 2pm on Saturday. This will allow the kennel staff time to tidy up your pet cage after they leave.