Frequently Asked Questions

How will purchasing a plan help my pet?

Pet plans allow the doctor to take care of your pet’s preventative needs without the worry of the financial stress. Routine pet care is essential for ensuring a longer, happier lifespan.

Is the membership transferable from pet to pet?

No, the membership is based on each pet’s individual needs.

Does the plan work even if my pet has a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, we will work with all medical conditions even if your pet insurance doesn’t cover it! If your pet has a pre-existing or congenital defect this plan WILL save you money. Some of these conditions include heart conditions, hip dysplasia, skin issues, diabetes, etc.

Is this plan refundable?

No, unfortunately these plans are not refundable once they have been purchased.

What if I have to give my pet away?

Once the plan is purchased that plan belongs to the pet and cannot be transferred.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

Pet plans provide significantly discounted services under our agreement. Although the agreement may be cancelled at any time under the monthly payment option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made, whichever is less. Please call the office for any further questions.

There is a $250.00 cancellation fee.

Do I get a discount for signing up multiple pets?

Yes! You will receive $15.00 off your Membership Fee for each additional pet.