Included in any boarding visit:

  • A calm, quiet place for quiet seclusion or playtime
  • Twice daily litterbox changes and a clean room with new blankets and bowls daily
  • Individualized attention from our attentive animal care team

We are able to also offer:

  • Medication administration
  • Species specific diet and hay at an additional charge
  • Water and food bowls, blankets and toys
  • Baths
  • Toe nail trims, ear cleanings
  • Professional grooming

What is required to stay:

  • A current veterinarian exam by our doctors BEFORE the day of admission for boarding*
  • Medical and vaccine records if your pet is visiting for the first time
  • There are no recommended or approved vaccines for rabbits and rodents within the state of Florida
  • Be flea and mite free

*Same day exams and boarding are possible, but please ensure you schedule this with our doctor and have >1+ hours available for the appointment and review of boarding plan at the time of the appointment and drop off.

What to bring:

  • We recommend that you bring your pet’s own food, hay, supplements/greens, litter box and cage (if smaller than 3×3 feet) so they can be more comfortable during their stay