“I am extremely happy with our visit the people where so helpful and nice and took such care with my dog i was impressed this should be a model for all vets”

– John T., Google

“I love ❤️ taking all my 4 dogs 🐕 They do a great 👍 job 👏 👍”

– L., Google

“We rescued our puppy at 3 months old from the shelter, after he was flown in as a stray from Puerto Rico. When he was 6 months old he started lifting his leg up and altering his walking to put weight on only 1 hind leg. In January we took him in and X-rays showed that he had “slip knee”. We did surgery on the dog when he turned 14 months and had to go back after 2 months to do his other hind leg as it had deteriorated at that point as well. I appreciate that Dr. Singh called after surgery to explain what they worked on and how Griffey did. It was definitely an unexpected situation when we found out he had this genetic disorder and we feel lucky to have found a doctor and his staff that helped us fight our pet insurance to get them to cover costs and to also take care of our dog. Dr. Lane went out of her way to write up a letter to our pet insurance to help appeal their decision to not pay for his surgeries, that blew me away. She was the first one to take care of Griffey for the year and Dr. Singh stepped in for surgeries, so I feel lucky that he has a team that look out for him. We appreciate all you did for him and continue to do, thank you.”

– Milda B., Google

“Highest regard for Dr. Singh and his staff. My golden retriever was first-time mother as was I the first-time puppy mother. Dr. Singh was patient and answered my every question and accommodated our every need for a Caesarian section deliver 6/19/2021 on a Saturday! I have nine healthy happy puppies. All pricing is discussed in advance and very reasonable. Thank you, dear sir.”

– Grace G., Google

“It’s hard to find a close by Ear Crop-friendly veterinarian nearby. My pup’s ears were cropped previously in another location far but needed to be posted. I went to a separate facility in P.Hills and the service was not great plus I immediately took off the post the very next day. I found this location and they were friendly and knowledgeable. They handled my big boy pup like it was their own. The post-job was clean and I haven’t had any issues since. We are in the bandage phase right now, but I’m pretty confident we will have a successful post-op. I traveled about an hour and a half to see them and I would recommend anyone else to visit them also. Thanks for taking care of my pup.”

– David R., Google

“They love the animals they serve and take amazing care of them. Staff is always nice and friendly, they care so much about the people and animals they serve.”

– Jennifer B., Google

“My dog had puppies and developed some serious complications. We took her to the ER and were referred by a friend to have a follow up from Luv-n-care. I am extremely pleased with how friendly the staff and doctors are and how they are always available for questions. I will be using Luv-n-care for all my pets from here on out.

BONUS the app is really user-friendly and helpful.”

– Elizabeth H., Google

“What a great experience! The Doctors and staff are very caring happy and friendly the office is clean and bright. I would not hesitate to return there.And the pricing is very reasonable!”

– Toni H., Google

“Dr. Singh is so knowledgeable. He has been in practice for many years, but he is not old fashioned. I love that he continues to learn and stays current with new treatments and all of the happenings in the veterinary field. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will research it himself to find the best possible solution and treatment plan for his patient. He always has the patient’s health and well being as his priority and I will be sad when the day of his retirement arrives. I hope it’s not for many more years! Thank you, Dr. Singh, for the wonderful care you have always given to all my ‘children’.”

– Nikki S., Google

“Amazing service. Provider cares so much about treating the animal and not the money. They easily could’ve done surgery on my boy that could’ve cost $5000 but instead was more than certain therapy and meds would work and it would be only $1000. And so far he has exceeded expectations and is doing amazing with therapy and meds”

– Amy C., Google

“I have taken my cat Milo here for years and it is always a lovely experience! All employees are professional, friendly, and thorough at explaining the needs of your pet. This past visit, we also got him on the wellness plans they offer because he is getting older and wanted to take the extra step to make sure he is healthy. It made everything he needed done very easy and affordable. Definitely recommend them to anyone with a pet in the area. Thank you for being awesome!”

– Brianna L.., Yelp

Absolutely love this hospital, my bully pup deebo had laser ear cropping done here, and they took good care of my baby despite his heart murmur. Doctor S was AMAZING and very detailed and patient in explaining any doubt i had. They made me feel at ease with making sure he was ok for this procedure. He looks amazing. Recovery was so fast. I highly recommend luv n care to everyone. The staff was amazing as well. Super friendly and caring. I wish i lived closer, I’d definitely make Luv n Care my main Vet for Deebo. Thank you everyone for the love that was giving to my pup.

– Rosie M., Google

“The staff, techs, and doctor were all fabulous. They recognized the emergency immediately and got her in fast. I was an emotional wreck and they were able to talk me through everything that needed to be done. They gave us great after-care instructions and medicine. They have saved my puppy’s life and we can’t wait to visit once she’s recovered fully.”

– Christine M., Google

“My bunny was spayed on April 25th at Luv-N-Care. The month prior to the surgery I was definitely stressing about any complications happening, but as the surgery came closer I became more confident in it. I dropped my bunny off & 6-7 hours later she was ready to come home. So thankful she came out of surgery with no problems.”

– Leila., Google

This animal hospital lives up to its name. I’ve never been to a veterinary clinic where the employees treat the animals with as much kindness and love. I will always bring my pets here.

– Josh J., Google

“I was very impressed and appreciative of the staff, technician, doctor, and care for my Guinea pig. Everyone was very friendly and took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you so much!”

– Christi W., Google

“We love the care we receive here for our baby girl. Everyone is so experienced and patient with our dog Kaiya.”

– Cynthia K., Google

“All of our questions were answered in-depth and our bunnies received a thorough exam. Great staff! 😊 We also had the opportunity to rescue another bunny while we were there. Thank you all for such great service.”

– Cheri T., Google

“Very welcoming staff answered all my questions and helped my dog get better!”

– Natalie D., Google

“Dr. Vales was great with my Aria. They got my dog in quickly and with a Saturday appointment. The Dr. squeezed my dog in on her next surgery day as well. They took good care of her while she was there for a week recovering. I could not have taken care of Aria myself as I had to work but they board and give meds etc. Also, had a concern on Sunday the next week after taking my dog home and they got her back in that day for a re-check. My dog liked them all as well. I could tell right away she liked Dr. Vales. I will use them again if needed as long as this Dr. is there. She’s great.”

– Acoolbee B., Google

Awesome place. Everyone attentive, helpful, nice, and the Drs. Very knowledgeable and honest.

– Adam V., Google

“Our experience at Luv-N-Care was great. The staff and Dr. Lane were very attentive and took the time to answer my questions. She also made suggestions for preventive care which was appreciated.”

– Cindy F., Google

“Tool great care of my kitten in short notice. Very nice and caring people!”

– Guilherme P., Google

“I have never had a vets office care more about my animals. Even at the end when I had to put one of them down they showed compassion and care. I highly recommend this practice.”

– RM., Google

“My pittie, Lola, DOES NOT like to have her nails trimmed. Luv-N-Care did a fantastic job of keeping her calm and her pedi was beautiful 🙂

– Donna G., Google