Luv-N-Care was my rescue pup’s vet when I first brought him home two years ago. Although driving from Winter Park is a little out of the way, it is worth the effort because my boy, Charlie, is always happy to go see them. All the staff at Luv-N-Care treat Charlie like he’s a celebrity and make a big deal over him every time we walk in the door, which is a lot — I travel frequently and board Charlie there when I am out of town. I have a great sense of peace-of-mind knowing that he is well cared for, loved, and receiving lots of affection. I was told by Charlie’s rescuer that when she took him in, he had a bad case of demodex (mange). She worked closely with Luv-N-Care and by the time I adopted him a few weeks later, he was healthy and gorgeous.

He has had no other health issues since. I wholeheartedly recommend Luv-N-Care. They have always been wonderful to my pup and me. And they work closely with local rescuers to give every down-on-his-luck doggie a second chance to be healthy and beautiful while he awaits adoption to his new family. For that, they win my eternal appreciation.

– Alison S.

I highly TRUST DR. SINGH with ALL of my 5 DOGS! My furry Children/dogs have been patients of Dr. Singh’s and Luv-n-CARE Animal Hospital in Longwood for 15 years. I have actually been a client with Luv-n-care for 20 years….(other dogs that have passed on now because of old age)

JUST one of many experiences of my years as a client: One of my dogs has arthritis and could barely walk a year ago…Dr. Singh and his staff has been treating my dog with cold laser therapy as well as a shot for inflammation/lubricant and this treatment has really made at least an 80% improvement or more in the quality of life for my dog! ….and at a very affordable price for this treatment as well as very fast and convenient treatment times each month. I know he is a very knowledgeably and caring veterinarian and skilled surgeon with many years experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

ALSO he and his staff work with many rescue shelters to care for so many groups of puppies, dogs and cats being brought in because I have witnessed this myself many times when I have been there when they have brought all these animals in and I even personally donated to one. I think that is just amazing. OH and now Luv-n-Care has 2 locations and is opened 7 days a week! Very dedicated and hardworking. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

– Jamie N.

We love this place. We have 2 cats we take here now and they are so wonderful with them and us. They answer all of our questions and show genuine love for our animals.

– Alisha B.

The staff at luv n care are wonderful! They are patient and took their time with us. I also love the wellness plan. Our dog is always happy to see everyone, and they are so good with him!

– Cristie V.

Thank you luv n care and metabolic prescription diet for my panchito pug losing weight in just to weeks to his new diet, he loves the food, Camille

– Camille C.

Super friendly staff all around! I was a little worried bringing my large, very hyper, dog to her first appointment, but everyone was so kind and calm that we had a great experience. The tech was amazing and the Dr. Hobson provided a wealth of information and thoughtful feedback. We’ll be back for years to come!

– Sarah C.

I’ve been taking my fur babies to Luv-N-Care for about 15 years. Even when I moved an hour away I didn’t trust anyone other than Dr. Singh to care for my diabetic Candy kisses! I’m so glad we have moved back closer. They are compassionate and caring people. The staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Luv-N-Care to everyone that cares about their pets.

– Angela H.

Dr. Hobson and staff really represent Luv-N-Care, with lots of LOVE AND CARE. They really make you feel as you and your pets are part of their family. Dr. Hobson is the most amazing veterinarian. You can absolutely feel she is passionate about her job. If you have questions; NO PROBLEM, the doctor and/or staff always take their time to explain any concerns. Also, they will call and follow up about your precious pet. I am absolutely grateful and blessed to have found Luv-N-Care for the care of my three Siberian huskies, Luna, Mia, and Catalina.

Dr. Hobson and staff, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

– Heidi R.

Drs. Hobson and Singh are excellent in providing loving care for their patients. They utilize every option available to ensure their patients get the best of care. Please do not hesitate to trust the care of your pet to them! From a personal standpoint, both the doctors and their entire staff were concerned, loving, and professional in every way. Oreo was our beloved dog who was stricken with several health issues. Through the care she received at Luv-N-Care, she was able to live a wonderful and fulfilling life. We cannot thank the staff enough for all they did for Oreo and our family. Thank you all so very much!

– Michelle L.

The staff here is excellent! I have taken my pets to other vets in the area and there is no place that gives your pet the care and attention that Luv-N-Care does! Dr. Hobson was very professional and knowledgeable of the best care for my new kitten, Cheeto. I want to thank the entire staff for a pleasurable experience every time we come in to visit. We plan on coming back for many years!

– Jeff F.